Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Most of the time you're busy, walking by it, over it, even on it, but sometimes there's just something on the ground that captures your eye. This weekend, I found two great street artists in NYC that made me smile.

Each weekend, Felix Morelo, a NYC street draws over a thousand chalk faces in a yellow brick road-like line around Union Square Park.

Each face, slightly different, reflects Morelo's style. He marks every 10 faces, so you can see his process.

I felt like a kid walking the zigging and zagging line around the park. At the end... Morelo (in white).
I checked in with Morelo a few times on Sunday. At last I left him, he had drawn over 600 faces that day and was still going strong.

The second artist, Joe Mangrum works exclusively with colorful chalk dust to create stunning original pieces of artwork in Washington Square Park.

Pouring colorful sand out of his hands, Joe adds color and highlights to his work. Seeing these huge creations in person is definitely worth it.

I admire these artists dedication to their temporary installations. Be sure to check them out (and donate).

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