Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mad Men Inspired...

 (Image courtesy of AMC)
I'm thrilled that one of my favorites shows, Mad Men is finally back! While my own experiences working in advertising hardly mirror that of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce (thank goodness!), I enjoy thinking of a bygone era of glamorous cocktail parties,  fabulous dresses and long booze-filled lunches.

I didn't realize this before, but many of my purchases for Octavia & Brown recently have been Mad Men inspired. Here are a few sneak peeks...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Charlottesville...

This past weekend, my friend Tara, behind the fabulous Prippy Handbook and I met in DC and headed down to Charlottesville, Virginia for a girl's weekend filled with golf and R&R.

My friend booked the "Stay and Play" package at the gorgeous Boar's Head Inn. With three outdoor pools, a spa and attached golf course, this was pure heaven.

After golfing in the 100 degree heat on Sat, we rewarded ourselves with some live music at Millers in Charlottesville. A perfect locals hangout where Dave Matthews used to play back in the day.

Sunday, we slowly wound our way back to DC along route 29, making some pit stops at at some amazing antique stores.  If there is an epicenter for antiques, I think this is it! These are real dig and reward type of places. A word of advice if you head down there, remember to bring cash or checks, as a lot of these stores don't accept credit cards.

Both Tara and I picked up some amazing vintage finds along the way. I just got a new camera last night and will be posting sneak peeks soon...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Obsession- Mr. Darcy

So the lovely Mel behind The Crafty DiY Bride, included my vintage milk glass compotes in her Wednesday Wishlist. (Check out the rest of the items on the wishlist here).

 Mr Darcy mug by Brookish

While I was checking out her amazing blog, I found this mug in one of her posts and I absolutely must have it. While in college, I think I watched the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice about a million times. Colin Firth as the dark and brooding Mr. Darcy continues to make me melt every time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nautical Goodness...

Spending time at the beach always make me think about bringing some nautical goodness back to my own apartment in the city. It's so popular in fashion and design right now, there are a lot of great options...  

(Resources (left to right): Jack and Lulu tote, yellow/ white vase- Haus Interior, Silver marine life- Williams Sonoma Home, Letter N by Little White Dog on Etsy, Captains fringe by Kove on Etsy, Woven cube-Haus Interior, Flag pillow-ABC Home, Red dot curtains- Anthropologie)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Perfect Oversized Flower...

The other night over dinner, my friends and I were discussing how to grow hydrangeas. A random topic for a table full of city girls, but everyone seemed to have something to contribute about how much light hydrangeas need, or how to get hydrangeas to turn a deep blue color.

Growing up, my grandfather had a huge hydrangea bush by the side of the house. He didn't water it, or really do anything to it, but every year it produced the most fabulous bright blue hydrangeas.The key he said was to put a couple of nails in the soil. I'm not sure if this theory is actually true, but it seemed to work. Regardless, I love the oversized blooms in the summer...

(Photos courtesy of  Narou0720 on Flickr and Sido on Flickr)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Patterns Everywhere!

So recovering from my 30th birthday celebration at Market Table and the Ace Hotel on Monday night, I spent a lot of time on the couch yesterday, laptop in hand. Trolling for images, I noticed that there were a lot of great bohemian/ tribal patterns emerging from mainstream companies like Wisteria, Pottery Barn and Anthropologie.

The first thing I found was this fabulous black and white settee from Wisteria. I absolutely love bold pattern and scalloped edge. Plus the graphic black and white could really fit in anywhere. If I had more space, this would be already be on it's way to my apartment...

(Resources: Black and White Settee, Black and white triangle rug, Diamond ottoman, Diamond dhurrie, Diamond napkins, Paper Sketch Vases, Black and white dot pillow, Festival Rug)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Big 3-0 Wishlist...

So I turned the big 3-0 today! I thought I'd celebrate the first day of my thirties, by pulling together my dream list of items that if I had a bigger apartment (and of course the income) would be mine in a heartbeat!

Taking the rest of the day off to enjoy a little sunshine! Have a wonderful day!

(Photos from left to right: Jonthan Adler chair, Huffy Beach Cruiser, Nikon D90 SLR camera, David Hicks fabric from Lee Jofa, Bensimon sneakers, a black lab puppy, Dorthy Draper Espana Chest)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Obsession- Gourd Lamps

Happy Friday! With the short week almost over, I can't wait to dive into the weekend! This weekend I plan to spend a little time, finishing some projects in my apartment, including giving my living room a little upgrade.

Lamps are a great way to update a room, without making a major commitment. Recently, I've been obsessing over gourd lamps. I love the unique shapes and the vibrant colors.  Vintage styles are fantastic, but modern versions in bright colors are also available from West Elm and Home Goods.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loving Missoni...

While on baby duty in DC, I had a lot of time to search for cool items for my home. Already a huge fan of Missoni, I immediately fell in love with the bold, graphic pillows and outdoor fabrics in the Missoni Home collection.  Now if I only had the beautiful wooden boat to go along with them...
Be sure to check out the entire catalog for more fantastic images...

(Photos courtesy of Missoni Home 2010) 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oil Spill Response Market

The Oil Spill Response Market is up on Poppytalk Handmade and Octavia & Brown is featured seller! Be sure to check out the market between July 5 and July 30th for approximately 70 designers, artists, artisans and vintage shop owners are each donating one item from their "virtual tables" to help the cause. 

Each vendor will have an item listed "oil spill item" at their virtual tables (many of these items were specially made for this fundraiser). Once sold, they will be donating the proceeds of that sale to help the vulnerable communities threatened by the oil spill through Oxfam America who has a special online donation section. Click here for more info and here to visit the online fundraiser.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Back...

Bet you all have been wondering where I've been...

It's been a super busy week at Octavia & Brown! I've been down in DC visiting my brand new nephew! I couldn't be more excited to be an aunt again!

Back in New York, I am prepping items for the my virtual "table" in the Poppytalk Handmade Marketplace. My "table" will be up in their Oil Spill Response market July 5- July 30. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Oxfam America who has set up a special donation page online. Be sure to check it out! Items will be available on Monday.


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