Thursday, September 30, 2010

Carpet Be Gone...

While researching ideas for my kids room post, I ran across these fabulous cork houndstooth tiles from Mio. Eco-friendly and designed as a modular system, they would work as a runner, or could easily cover an entire floor. Even better, if one gets damaged, or spilled on (as I am likely to do), it can easily be replaced. Plus, as a bonus they kind of remind me of Space Invaders... (Sidenote: Check out the coolest human video version of Space Invaders here).
Since finding these tiles, I have been dreaming of ways I could use these in my apartment. Besides the floor, these could make a really cool piece of artwork on the wall, cover a headboard, or used as placemats, etc...

How would you use these fantastic tiles?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Loving Fall...

Love the fun NYC fall images I have seen recently at Tory Burch. I wonder where I can get some of those huge orange balloons...
(Images via Tory Burch)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking Inspiration from Kids...

So while I am pretty far from having kids of my own, I've had babies on the brain recently. Mostly because my newest nephew was born in June, a good friend just had a baby and another good friend is due very soon!

I've also been awed and inspired by some of the great kids rooms I've seen recently. Definitely want to borrow a few ideas for my own apt. Here are a few of my favs...
Can you tell I am in love with this room? Everything from gray and orange color palette to the great styling (i.e. folding ruler and clip boards to hold pics) Wow!
(Photos: Ashley Ann Photography via Apartment Therapy)
Who didn't fall in love with Jeanna Lyons' beautiful black, white and yellow nursery for her son, Beckett?
(Photo: Domino Mag)
 I love the neutral palette in this room which still feels comfy and modern all at the same time.
(Image via Cup of Jo)
Sunrise Ruffalo certainly has some talent! Love the bright colors in this wonderfully vintage inspired room.
(Image via Domino Magazine)
Why not wallpaper the ceiling?
(Image via Living Etc)
This feels like a cozy hideout for sisters...
(Image via Domino Magazine) 
Love the flag garland casually strung across this bright kids room.
(Image via Living Etc)
The crepe paper flowers/ balls are a great idea to add a punch of color.
(Ashley Ann Photography via Apartment Therapy)
I wish I had this rug in my room as a kid...
 (Image via CB2)
Made of cardboard these modular pieces would be perfect for building a fort! 
(Image via Mio)
Sealife in a striking black and white is perfect for a bathroom, or room.
(Pottok Prints via Walnut Wallpaper)
If you're going to go with a construction theme, why not a large, bright decal?
(Studio E-Glue large wall decals)
A modern, stylish animal lamp for kids. Love it! 
(Image via Jonathan Adler)
A cool way to learn animals and letters.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Lovely Fall Weekend...

This weekend, I headed to PA to celebrate my mom's birthday. Saturday included a stop at one of my favorite garden places, Terrain. I've definitely written about Terrain before and it's because I can't get enough of their galvanized tables with their rustic/ industrial feel topped beautiful topiaries, stunning orchids and gorgeous books.

If you haven't been it's certainly worth the trip to PA. One of my favorite areas is the old greenhouses that have been converted to a cafe. Who wouldn't love sitting in the sunlight amongst staghorn ferns and rattan shades...

This trip I stocked up on some plants to make a terrarium. I've always liked them, but have never attempted one before. Look for a DIY post on making a terrarium later this week.
 (Image via Apartment Therapy) 
Sunday started with brunch at a local favorite and then off to Linvilla Orchards for some early apple and pumpkin picking. Linvilla has changed a lot since I was a kid, but it seems to have gotten better. The variety of pumpkins and squash ranging from the deepest orange to lightest green was fantastic.

I ended up with a beautiful, leafy begonia and striped green pumpkin for $10!
Much to the envy of the passengers sitting around me, I dove into my carmel apple on the train ride back to NYC. Sticky fingers and all. Yum!
(Image via King Orchards)

How did you spend the weekend?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Love Story...

My friend just sent me this short film for GANT by Michael Bastian posted on the lovely blog, The Neo-Traditionalist and I just had to share. I love everything about this from their clothes and glasses to the adorable cake. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Breaking Tradition with Chairs...

One of the things that I love about decorating is finding an unique piece of furniture that instantly adds personality to a room. An easy way to do this is by adding an amazing chair.

I tend to be drawn to chairs that have an architectural quality to them, but mixing styles and eras is a great way too. I'm definitely not afraid to place my Grandmother's wing chair and my Eames rocker next to each other. While not necessarily built for comfort, these chairs definitely fit the bill for a striking statement.

This hooded chair would definitely be a cozy nook for reading...
This chair looks like it was made from old Jenga pieces, but I love the unfinished, sculptural feel.
 Doesn't this chair just look comfy?
Another take on the hooded chair... 
Wood Autoban Birdcage Chair found via Best Home Interior 

Love these! Wouldn't they be great under a round glass dining table? 
 Thin Black Line Chair from Nendo found via Black.White.Yellow

If you're going to use a flag, why not in a big way on a chaise?
Image via Living Etc

The clawfoot feet and x-shaped legs add a personality to these otherwise simple chairs...
This chair would be a striking piece in a stark, minimalist room...
 Marc Newson Chair found via Decor Fair
Like the Louis Ghost chair before it, this lucite wingback is a fantastic, modern take on a traditional chair.

Monday, September 20, 2010

From One Estate to the Next...

This weekend I was back in Cape Cod for one last glorious weekend. The weather couldn't have been more perfect for shopping estate sales on Saturday. I picked up an amazing set of wooden folding chairs from a beer garden in Brooklyn, two lovely red trash cans and numerous sets of glasses.
The niche world of estate sales, home of antique dealers and collectors can be a little intimidating. The free-for-all race, digging through treasures in someone's home and finding the best sales definitely takes a little getting used to. To help, I thought I'd put together a list of tips for shopping estate sales.

1. There are two kinds of "estate" sales. Those run by professional companies and those run by families. In general, I tend to favor the sales run by professional companies. While the prices may be a little higher (due to commissions), the items tend to be better than at a glorified garage sale. Plus, most companies tend to place pictures of the items online up to a week before the sale. I use these pictures to figure out which sales to attend and those to skip.

2. Map out your estate sale route the night before. Grab a local paper the day before (I used the Cape Cod Times) and look in the classified section under estate sales/ yard sales. In general, I try to pick estate sales that are fairly close to each other, so I can hop from one to the next. My goal is usually to try to go to at least 4-5 in a morning.
3. Make a list of items you are looking for and do a little research the night before. (I use eBay as a simple gauge for pricing). Try to figure out how much the item is worth and how much you are willing to pay for it before you go.

4. Estate sales start early in the morning (usually on Sat and Sun) and as expected the best items are sold as the doors open. Make sure to get the sale 20- 30 min before the sale starts. Most dealers starting lining up around this time and you have a better chance of finding that unique piece at a great price.
5. Don’t forget the attic, basement and garage. Attics are usually full of linens and hidden treasures, while basements and garages usually have great tools, gardening and outdoor items.

6. All sales are final! Be sure to check glassware for any major chips or digs before you purchase. Furniture should be inspected to make sure the piece is structurally sound and that the wood isn't splintered or repaired.

7. Usually everything is for sale, so don't forget to look at the rugs, curtains and blinds. (Some estate sales also sell old doors, windows, etc).

8. At estate sales run by professional companies, staff are usually located in each room to help. If you find something you like, leave the item where it is and grab a staff member and have them write up a slip for you. Use these slips to pay at the end and then go collect your items. (This ensures that the item is marked as yours and you don't have to lug it around the house.)

9. Bring cash! A lot of smaller estate sales don't accept credit cards, so make sure you have cash on hand. 

10. Have fun! The best part of an estate sale is the thrill of the hunt. Whether it's uncovering that amazing painting, or snagging an oriental rug for a steal, have fun with it!

Any other tips or something I've missed, please feel free to share.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Online Magazine: Rue

I am loving the new online design magazines that have been popping up over the last few months. They're a great way to get inspiration and most of the products are a click away.

Last night, I ran into a new one by the name of Rue. I couldn't get of the shop-a-longs with designers like Grant K Gibson, whose San Francisco apt I fell in love with when in was featured in the New York Times. (Check it out here).
Also featured was Heather Clawson, from the wonderfully inspired blog, Habitually Chic. Her apt looks great in neutrals with pops of orange.
I finally got to see the complete apartment of blogger, Victoria Smith of fame. Her all-white living is a stark contrast to her wonderfully dark blue dining room! Love it!
I love this console full of green plants. I can't wait to create something similar in my own kitchen nook.

There are lots of other gorgeous images for inspiration, be sure to check out Rue when you have a chance.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Collecting Dahlias...

One of my favorite flowers, dahlias have arrived in abundance at the farmer's market. The oversized blooms with their delightfully uneven edges feel romantic and bohemian. The moody reds, purples and oranges are a perfect usher into Fall.
(Image: nchoz's flickr stream)
During the season, I love wrapping up a bunch of the blush colored blooms in black tissue paper and ribbon for a dramatic hostess gift for a friend.

While researching dahlias, I ran across the blog, What Were the Skies Like which featured the fabulous Frances Palmer. Frances throws the most beautiful handmade pots and grows over 80 varieties of dahlias in her garden in Connecticut, many of which she uses to showcase her pottery.
(Images: Frances Palmer)
While I would love to own one of Frances' pots, I was initially drawn to the way she catalogs her dahlias at the height of the season. Her photographs combine two of my very favorite things: collections and flowers.

How fabulous would these be as a grouping of prints hung on the wall?


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