Monday, September 27, 2010

A Lovely Fall Weekend...

This weekend, I headed to PA to celebrate my mom's birthday. Saturday included a stop at one of my favorite garden places, Terrain. I've definitely written about Terrain before and it's because I can't get enough of their galvanized tables with their rustic/ industrial feel topped beautiful topiaries, stunning orchids and gorgeous books.

If you haven't been it's certainly worth the trip to PA. One of my favorite areas is the old greenhouses that have been converted to a cafe. Who wouldn't love sitting in the sunlight amongst staghorn ferns and rattan shades...

This trip I stocked up on some plants to make a terrarium. I've always liked them, but have never attempted one before. Look for a DIY post on making a terrarium later this week.
 (Image via Apartment Therapy) 
Sunday started with brunch at a local favorite and then off to Linvilla Orchards for some early apple and pumpkin picking. Linvilla has changed a lot since I was a kid, but it seems to have gotten better. The variety of pumpkins and squash ranging from the deepest orange to lightest green was fantastic.

I ended up with a beautiful, leafy begonia and striped green pumpkin for $10!
Much to the envy of the passengers sitting around me, I dove into my carmel apple on the train ride back to NYC. Sticky fingers and all. Yum!
(Image via King Orchards)

How did you spend the weekend?


  1. I must say it WAS a nice weekend(weather wise). Perfectly breezed days. But I spent the weekend with my bestfriend who came in town from DC and we had a good time except for the worst part which was dealing with my own traumatic/breakdown experience of having mice. If only someone would've warned me about this I probably would have never moved to NY. :(

    Sidenote: That is one of the things I miss about home (Detroit) are the Apple Orchards witht he delicious donuts. Does New York City have any Orchards?

  2. Oh no!! Mice are the worst. I've had problems with them too. I live above a restaurant, so I feel like I get a few more for good measure. Hope you bought some traps this weekend! (They're usually the worst in the Fall and Spring. I don't see them as much in the other seasons.)

    As for apple picking, while the apples at the Union Square farmer's market (Wed/ Sat) are delish, it's not quite the same as going to an orchard. Try some of these orchards, they're all accessible by metro north, NJ transit, etc

    or if you have access to a car, try any of these in NY, NJ and CT:

    I think there might be some orchards way up in Queens or the Bronx and definitely some on Long Island I'll ask around and see what I can find out.

  3. Thanks!

    Yes, I'm not used to it AT ALL, so I've been worrying alot, like locking myself in my room, crying hysterically everyday, and not wanting to go home. So were getting a cat tomorrow which I heard will work because nothing else worked. If unfortunately it doesn't work which I hope it does, I'm moving to another apartment. I can't sleep knowing they are running around my place. I know its common here but its so gross.

    Yeah, I'm yearning for the donuts. The orchard back at home makes the donuts from the apples in the orchard and they taste DEElicious! Donuts and cider=yummy! I wondee if all orchards do that.

    I will check those places out. Thanks!



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