Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking Inspiration from Kids...

So while I am pretty far from having kids of my own, I've had babies on the brain recently. Mostly because my newest nephew was born in June, a good friend just had a baby and another good friend is due very soon!

I've also been awed and inspired by some of the great kids rooms I've seen recently. Definitely want to borrow a few ideas for my own apt. Here are a few of my favs...
Can you tell I am in love with this room? Everything from gray and orange color palette to the great styling (i.e. folding ruler and clip boards to hold pics) Wow!
(Photos: Ashley Ann Photography via Apartment Therapy)
Who didn't fall in love with Jeanna Lyons' beautiful black, white and yellow nursery for her son, Beckett?
(Photo: Domino Mag)
 I love the neutral palette in this room which still feels comfy and modern all at the same time.
(Image via Cup of Jo)
Sunrise Ruffalo certainly has some talent! Love the bright colors in this wonderfully vintage inspired room.
(Image via Domino Magazine)
Why not wallpaper the ceiling?
(Image via Living Etc)
This feels like a cozy hideout for sisters...
(Image via Domino Magazine) 
Love the flag garland casually strung across this bright kids room.
(Image via Living Etc)
The crepe paper flowers/ balls are a great idea to add a punch of color.
(Ashley Ann Photography via Apartment Therapy)
I wish I had this rug in my room as a kid...
 (Image via CB2)
Made of cardboard these modular pieces would be perfect for building a fort! 
(Image via Mio)
Sealife in a striking black and white is perfect for a bathroom, or room.
(Pottok Prints via Walnut Wallpaper)
If you're going to go with a construction theme, why not a large, bright decal?
(Studio E-Glue large wall decals)
A modern, stylish animal lamp for kids. Love it! 
(Image via Jonathan Adler)
A cool way to learn animals and letters.


  1. Kidsrooms are so much fun! I can't wait to have one of my own so I'll have a nursery to decorate! xx

  2. Wow! These rooms are amazingly cute! Geeze, I'd sleep in them now..lol.



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