Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So You Work in a Hole...

Okay, so you work in a tiny, windowless office that sucks all of the energy and happiness out of you every time you have to be in there. Don't get the Prozac out yet, you can transform it into a welcoming, cozy space with a few simple tricks.

First think about colors that make you happiest. Are you more of a bright color person, or do you prefer neutrals, or colors from the same palette? Next, think about the type of work you're doing in your office. Are you seeing patients? If so, you'll probably want to pick something that's calming and not distracting for your patients.
 (Apartment Therapy)

(Elle Decor)
Depending on your office (and how forgiving your company is), my next inclination is always to paint. In a small space, keep the paint colors light to make the space seem as big as possible, but try using a high gloss paint. The reflective quality of the paint will make even the darkest spaces seem lighter.
(House Beautiful)
Another trick, why not add visual interest to the room by painting the ceiling a different color? (One note: If you're lacking height, try to keep the ceiling color on the lighter side to keep the room from feeling like it's caving in on you.)
If painting is not an option, that's okay too. Wallpaper is big right now and showing up everywhere.  If you can't make the commitment, try creating your own version with removable wall decals. There are some fantastic ones from Blik and on Etsy.

Once you've painted, or added decals to your wall, next stop is accessories. If your office furniture comes with the space, try adding some color and texture to the room with pillows, or a great mirror.
 (Williams-Sonoma Home)
If you have a bookcase full of books or manuals, try arranging them by color or size to add some interest to your bookshelf. Add a few personal touches (i.e. pictures, a cool vase, etc) too. 
The next stop in creating your haven is lighting. Say "no" to the fluorescent lighting that is inevitably hardwired and get a few table lamps to place around your office. The soft glow from these lamps will give your office a warm, fuzzy feeling.

More small office ideas coming tomorrow... 


  1. Loved the post! I'm always trying to arrange my furniture and household acessories to fit the colorful, vintage, and modern idea that I have in my head. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't, but you have given me inspiration to try some new things. Ive just recently moved to NY about 3 weeks ago so I'm still getting my apartment together. I love vintage, too, and will be scouting out new places to shop once I get a job. Anyhoo, look forward to your future posts.

  2. So glad you found inspiration in this post and congrats on your move. That's so exciting! If there's anything that you need inspiration for or help with in setting your new apartment, post a comment and I'll try to help. Good luck!

  3. Thanks, I'm very excited about this new journey of mine and I will let you know if I have any questions!!



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