Friday, December 10, 2010


I just finished my final project for the semester yesterday (yay!), so now I can get back to doing the things I love during the holidays like spending time with friends, baking (and eating!) cookies and drinking festive cocktails!
On Wednesday night, I invited some friends over for  a holiday cocktail party at my apartment.  I skipped the plastic plates and cups and served drinks in vintage glasses and food on vintage trays. To save on time, I picked up some fantastic cheeses, fresh bread, almonds, cookies and truffles. Here are a few items I'd use for a classic cocktail party.

 This vintage art deco chrome tray would be perfect for serving grapes or truffles.

These vintage punch cups would be great for a signature cocktail.

 This vintage chrome and glass cocktail set is perfect for guests to help themseleves. 

 I'd add some winterberry branches in these black glass vases for a pop of color.

This vintage chrome and bakelite tray would be perfect for a trio of olives, almonds and spicy walnuts.

These vintage gold rimmed glasses are just perfect for champagne. Enough said.

These vintage gold rimmed glasses are classic for a signature cocktail.

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