Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So you know when you have the perfect weekend planned out... dinners with friends, lazy afternoons chatting on the roof, runs in the park, vintage shopping, etc and then whamo something happens to derail the whole thing? Well that's definitely what happened with me with this past weekend in San Francisco...

I flew to SF on Thursday and had a great time exploring the city. I mean it was 75 degrees and sunny to start with (basically unheard of this time of year) and I got to experience Off The Grid, a weekly gathering of gourmet street trucks. Yum! I had the Chairman Boa pork buns (I would have shared a pic, but I ate them too quickly!)

On Friday my friend and I headed up to Pt. Reyes, CA to Hog Island Oyster Co and Nick's Cove. You've probably heard me talk about these places before, as they're two of my favorites in Northern California. It was a beautiful sunny drive up and when we got there the fact that it was still 70 degrees by the water was crazy! We bbq'd some oysters and clams and enjoyed a little sunshine.

At Nick's Cove, we headed out to the boathouse on the dock. It's a secret, but you can take drinks and food out there. In fact...

 you can even order it...

I passed the time watching this VW van try to get the boat out of the water. I wasn't sure it was going to make it...

 (Image courtesy of
Sat was filled with friends and a fantastic dinner at Local Mission Eatery... Spring greens topped the menu with braised quail and charred squid.Yum!

But Sunday, the wheels came off the cart so to speak. I had a 24-hour bug that knocked me down and out. So much so that I didn't make it Alameda Antiques by the Bay (my favorite vintage shopping). I was sad to miss out, but glad that I'm feeling back to normal today. There's always next month...


  1. What wonderful coastal pictures, in the 70s, wow love that, wish it was that warm here, guess I'm just a little to far north.

    Glad your feeling better!

  2. Thanks! It feel great okay again.

    Yes, the weather was so warm, really unusual for SF this time of year. Now it's back to 40s in NYC... haha



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