Tuesday, January 18, 2011


One advantage of the flood was clearing out all the extra items from my bathroom. Most things were damaged, but I also threw out/ recycled all the half-empty travel shampoo bottles, make-up that never really worked and facial products that did little more than make my face break out. Minimalism is my new mantra. Underneath my bathroom sink and my bathroom cabinet are now clutter free!

Tackling my bathroom has inspired me to clear out my closets too. The first thing I plan to do is get rid of excess items and then organize the rest in gorgeous storage containers. Here's some creative inspiration and cool containers I've found...
 Image courtesy of Martha Stewart

Source unknown

While these are not closet solutions, definitely a creative use of space...
Such cool stairs and storage...

Another view (Image found via Deco DIR)

(Image courtesy of Deco DIR)

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