Monday, January 24, 2011


Brrrrrrrr.....! That's what it feels like in my apartment right now. This weekend with temperatures in NYC dipping into the single digits and with friends staying at my apartment, I realized that I need some more blankets to ward off the cold. I'm in love with this coverlet from Urban Outfitters. The reversible colors and seed stitching are fantastic. This would be a perfect/ warm addition to my bed.
Check out the other color options here.


  1. Love these, I think I will pick a few up myself. I am so happy to have stumbled unto your blog, I love it already & am already following.


  2. Thank you, you totally made my day! Aren't those blankets great! I'm trying to figure out which color to get myself.

  3. Hi Liz,
    I LOVE, Love, Love your blog! You have such fabulous taste (of course, I wouldn't expect anything else from a friend of Tara's!) and I love your etsy store. I will be blogging today about our get together so keep an eye out! Can I tag along sometime on your next thrift or estate sale hunt?! :)

  4. Hi Janis,

    Aw thank you! Love your blog too! Your DIY projects are so inspiring and I can't get enough of the pics of Navy. Absolutely, you can tag along on my next thrift store adventure. I can already tell you have amazing style :)

    Can't wait to see the post from our get together!



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