Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yesterday, the construction guys were finally able to get in and start repairing the damage from the flood. By the afternoon, they had already torn out the wet plaster and replaced it with a brand new drywall ceiling. The speed at which the ceiling went up I think can be attributed to my earlier freak out after they told me I might have to live for a week with a hole in the ceiling. 

While I definitely want them to finish the repairs, the green ceiling is sort of growing on me. Might be a idea for paint in the future.
New drywall is up on the ceiling
Today, the guys are here scraping and plastering the ceiling and walls. 

I have a new found appreciation for people who remodel their homes, walking around on plastic tarps and living in construction dust for months. Definitely takes a lot of patience and coordination... 

Can't wait for the painting to be done tomorrow, so I can start to rearrange my things in the living room.

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