Thursday, March 10, 2011


My fascination with wood continues... Yesterday, I played hooky and visited the Picasso Guitars exhibit at the MoMA. (If you live in or around NYC it's a must see). I was fascinated by Picasso's use of faux bois (or fake/false wood) paper in his work. When you think of faux bois today, it might conjure up images of the kind of stuff you see covering cheap particle board furniture, but in the form of wallpaper it definitely peaked my interest.
 Image courtesy of MoMA

Image courtesy of MoMA

Last night I started looking around for "fake wood" pieces done in an interesting way. Here are a few of my favs...

I stumbled across this Soft Wood Sofa by Front at Moss. It closely resembles a solid wood bench, but instead it's photo printed fabric over foam. So soft and comfy. I want one!

This Woody Table Lamp combines real wood and faux bois in a modern way. 

Faux Bois Placemats at BLTD

 OMFB (Oh my faux bois!) screen printed pint glasses by Vital

 Love these! Wish they had more at Something's Hiding in There

This has been posted everywhere, but I love these faux bois floors featured in Coastal Living.

 Faux Bois Vase by Jadeflower

Faux Bois Rug by Horchow

Last, but not least cool packaging found on Pinterest by Viva Bailey via sfgirlbybay

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