Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Working at the Flea hasn't left me with a lot of time to clean my apartment. (Think laundry everywhere, storage containers piled high and a sink load of dishes, ugh!) Yesterday, I decided to tackle the mess. I found these great tips on Real Simple for tackling cleaning problems with ordinary products (think fewer chemicals.) My fave, cleaning silver with baking soda. This might save me some serious scrubbing time.

Also liked this one, have got to remember to do this before my next party...
Definitely doing this one. Much better than picking up the trash from the bottom of the bin.
Check out more helpful hints from Real Simple here. What's your best trick for cleaning your home?


  1. Great tips! Love the way the magnets look on the waste bin. Not to big on cleaning, I just maintain, although I am working my way through the shelving (dusting, rearranging) as I am starting to bring my houseplants indoors.

  2. That's smart to do a deep clean as the plants come in. I find I tend to do a deep clean of my apt in the Fall and Spring as the seasons change. Good luck!



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