Friday, November 4, 2011


My home state of Delaware often faces some serious teasing for it's small size. (Think Wayne's World). The fact that you can drive through it in an hour really doesn't really help things.

But besides chickens, Delaware is known for a very fun event, The World Championship of Punkin' Chunkin'. For those of you not familiar, punkin' chunkin' is the art of launching a pumpkin through a corn field for distance. Competitors develop some highly engineered machines to increase speed, distance, height and accuracy when aiming for objects.

Here's a fun video from Discovery to get an idea...

Half the fun of going is for the people watching. Both competitors and spectators take their outfits very seriously...

If you're interested in making the trek to Delaware this weekend, here's the info:

Nov 4-6
Royal Farms
18657 Sussex Highway
Bridgeville, DE 19933

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