Friday, May 27, 2011


I had to grab a few shots of these gorgeous peonies this morning. They're definitely one of my favorite flowers of summer.

I'm headed off to the beach this afternoon to grab some much needed sun (fingers crossed) and hopefully a BBQ or two. Have a great weekend!


  1. Well grab some sun for me. My peonies are still in bud form, it's 50% chance of rain and the beach is 60 miles away as the crow flies, but a two hour drive, over mountains, across rivers and valleys and through the Redwood forest and sure to be raining and cold there. Enjoy your weekend :D Oh, just to note I do plan on having a great weekend 'cause all said and done it is beautiful around here.

  2. Yes they are beautiful! My parents have the largest bush in front of their house. They unfortunately get too big where they weigh each other down and they just droop on the ground and then the ants make their way to them. There is a way however to keep them upright, it just takes a little handy work for that.

  3. Yea beach! Love the peonies and the light is gorgeous where you shot these. Have a happy weekend!



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