Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Pulling some inspiration for my new living room. Thinking bright white walls with blues and yellows and maybe a bit of pink thrown in...

Maybe a graphic wallpaper for one wall...
Lonny Mag May/Jun 2011: Interior Design by Lisa Sherry

Gold and brass accents...  
 Lonny Mag Mar/Apr 2011: Interior Design by Daniel Pafford

Maybe a navy rug... 
 Rue Mag

Can't get enough of this fun striped couch. Feels so girly and fun...
Jun/Jul 2010

Lonny Mag Jun/Jul 2010: Interior Design by Elizabeth Bauer

Thinking about trading in the all-white for wood...

Lonny Mag Apr/May 2010: Interior Design by Laurann Claridge

This was my original inspiration for reupholstering my wingback chair...

Apr/May 2010

Lonny Mag: Apr/May 2010 Interior Design by Ashley Wick

I'd love to bring in some more mid-century pieces.
 Rue Magazine

Colorful curtains are definitely needed... 
Jun/Jul 2010

Lonny Mag Jun/Jul 2010: Interior Design by Ellie Somerville


  1. Oh my, if only I had a fourth of the light that those rooms are getting, I think I would be in heaven. Lovely ideas all around for your new up do room!

  2. Thanks! I agree about the light. I hoping that changing my walls to bright white from gray will help with the lighting situation.

  3. You've given me some great ideas for my new studio!!! Thanks!



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