Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This weekend, I was "jamming" on a new project for iVillage. My chef friend made up a recipe and I took a ton of shots with my new camera. Couldn't wait to share a few pics. (The step-by-step recipe will be coming soon to iVillage).

Friday night, oysters were on the list, as a reward for job well done. First stop, Goat Town. Chefs Joel Hough and Nicholas Morgenstern, who worked together at Cookshop, have reunited at this hip farm-to-table bistro with delicious wine and a tasty raw bar.
 Image courtesy of Popsugar 
After finding seats (err... stalking people) at the bar, East and West coast oysters mingled, bitter danelion greens were sweetened up with balsamic strawberries and pork chops created a heavenly mix with spring onions, grapefruit, and parsnips. 

Ambiance and decor are just as important to me as the food and this place certainly delivers with subway tile benches, a weathered copper bar, arched tin ceilings, and bread pan lighting. Perfectly urban and rustic all at the same time. 

The raised garden beds in the back are ready for a mix of freshly grown herbs and veggies this summer, but I hope what I hear is true that they're getting ready to open seating outside...

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