Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Equestrian Style

My third blog post is up on iVillage: Blue Ribbon Decor. Growing up I fell in love with the bright colors, worn-in leather and the uber polished look seen at steeple chase races and polo matches. With a crisp breeze in the air, I can't wait to make Hendrick's gin and tonic and snuggle under a cozy plaid throw.
Check out more inspiration and the rest of the post here.

Here are some of my fav equestrian finds on Octavia & Brown...
Copper Wire Tumblers
 Metal Horse Salt and Pepper Shakers

Bakelite 3-Tier Tray

*****Don't forget to check out the free Octavia & Brown giveaway this week! I'm giving away a pair of awesome black glass urns, just in time for the holidays! Just leave a comment here about how you would use them to entertain over the holidays. I will be selecting a random winner on October 25th. Good luck!**** 


  1. What fun picks! Okay what are the black glass urns, and what size? I'm thinking urns for floral displays with twigs, holly, wintery boughs or scented pinecones or glass ornaments, are they big enough to hold a party punch? Gin and tonic, cheers!

  2. @Victoria: The black urns are part of a giveaway I'm doing this week. They're 6" high x 4.5" round at the top. To enter, I've asked people to leave a comment to explain how these would be used for their holiday decorations. A winner will be selected on Sunday, October 25. Check here for details and to leave a comment:



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