Thursday, October 7, 2010

LA Love...

Today I'm blogging from LA. I'm out here for my first trip to the Rose Bowl flea market on Saturday. I already dreaming about the seven miles of cool vintage finds to dig through!  Plus, getting out of the monsoon rains we've been having in NYC is definitely a plus. Hello sunshine, I've missed you!

Being a foodie with less than 24 hours in town, I've already started hitting up some of the fantastic restaurants in LA. Last night included a stop at friend's top recommendation, Animal.  The chefs/ owners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, were named Food & Wine magazine's list of Best New Chefs in America in 2009.
(image courtesy of LA2DAY)
The minimalist bar at the back of the restaurant is surpising comfortable. I waited about 15 minutes and was lucky enough to snag the seat on right side of the bar.

The food was unique and amazing to say the least. Hopefully you like to eat meat because there's a lot of it on the menu. I started with the lettuce, fresh beet, feta, pita and creamy sumac salad. Then moved onto and subsequently devoured two barbeque pulled pork belly sliders with homemade slaw. These were so tender, I had to eat them with a fork and knife.
 (Image courtesy of Daily News)
I was stuffed to the gills at this point and happily enjoying my wine, but just had to try the bacon chocolate crunch bar. This delicious dessert actually proves the point that anything (including chocolate) is better with bacon. Yum!
(Image courtesy of Food2)
Still digesting from last night...and probably will be for awhile, I'm off to explore some of the great vintage shops around LA.

If you have any LA recommendations of where to eat or shop, I'd love to hear!


  1. The food looks delicous, yummy! I want see pictures of the vendors and shops, demanding aren't I. Can't wait to see what you goodies you have found, enjoy your time in the city of angels.

  2. Thanks! I did enjoy my time in the City of Angels. Definitely a great place for shopping and seeing the sites. The 80 degree weather didn't hurt either!



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