Friday, October 8, 2010

LA Shopping- PART 1

If New York is a city of great food and nightlife, LA is a city of shopping. For every major designer store, there are five smaller boutiques selling cool clothing and home items. I spent most of the day yesterday checking out the shops on 3rd St near West Hollywood. By no means a complete list, here are a few of my favorites...

Plastica- To say I felt like a kid in a pint sized candy store while shopping in Plastica is an understatement. I literally wanted to bounce on one of the ten Rody's they had on display. With everything made of brightly colored plastic it was hard not to fall in love with the pigeon lamps and wall clocks.
(Image courtesy of Plastica)
OK- I love walking into a store where the styling and design of the store perfectly match the items they're selling. The modern displays in OK show off a beautifully curated collection of modern home accessories and sustainable items. In the back of the store, the bright red circle painted on the wall and matching shelves hold the most incredible collection of art and coffee table books. I'd love to create something similar in my apartment. 
Tweek99- Who wouldn't love a store where everything is priced under a $100 and already packaged ready to give as a gift? This store would definitely be on my list for the holidays. I ended up with an incredible photography book about dogs.
(image courtesy of Tweek99)
Shopaholic Sample Sales- To say I hate shopping sample sales is an understatement. While I love the discounts, I loathe thumbing through the racks unorganized clothes and getting undressed in a room full of crazed shoppers. Lucky for me, I stumbled into Shopaholic Sample Sale. Not only is everything clean and nice, but the racks are organized by designer and color blocked! One of the owners at Shopaholic Sample Sale was on hand, pulled unusual items and she gave me honest opinions about everything I tried. Added bonus, she put everything back on the hangers! I walked out with several cools finds from designers like Elizabeth and James and Current Elliot for about a quarter of what I would have paid in other boutiques.
 (image courtesy of Shopaholic Sample Sales)

Joan's on Third- Shopping can make you hungry and good news for me the local favorite Joan's on Third was just around the corner. The pristine cafe and market makes the most delicious sandwiches and adorable cupcakes. Sitting outside you can watch the people go by, see the occasional celebrity (mine was Joanna Gracia) and listen to a new reality TV series formed over lunch at the next table over.
(image courtesy of One for the Table)
Look for LA Shopping- Part 2 (Santa Monica) and highlights from Rose Bowl Flea Market coming on Monday...

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  1. Love those chairs! What a great shopping day ans such cool picks.



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