Friday, November 12, 2010


This morning, I've been struggling with a major case of writer's block. My mind is racing in a million different directions right now with Holiday preparation for Octavia & Brown (check out the new listings here), Holiday Gift Guides coming on Monday, working on prep for the next 24 design challenge- Upper Westside apt and writing several new posts for iVillage. If I lost my to-do list right now, I'd be in major trouble!

So, without a real topic in mind, I thought I'd just share a few things that have made me happy recently....

While I've never been to India, the pictures coming out of last week's Diwali celebration make me want to hop on a plane. Who wouldn't want to play in a huge pile of marigolds?
REUTERS/Krishnendu Halder

This is the next book going on my bookshelf. I can't wait to get my hands on Design Research, The Store That Brought Modern Living to American Homes. Founded in 1953, Design Research's legacy can be seen in the showrooms of Crate & Barrel and Design Within Reach today.

The price tag on these chairs is a little (okay very) out of my price range, but I love the sleek design and colorful Missoni fabrics.

Seriously, I think I need a little adventure this weekend...

I've got to try this for holiday parties this year. Check out the step by step instructions here.
Found via Pinterest from This is Glamorous

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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