Thursday, November 18, 2010


I wish I could fill my days reading and picking up inspiration from other people's blogs. If only work could wait! While there is never enough time to check out all the fantastic blogs out there, here are a few that I've been delighted by recently...

Design is Mine
I am always amazed by the cool images on this blog. A particular fav is the Flickr image of the day... 

I Suwannee
I heart this blog for many reasons, including the awesome showcase of color in all forms and wide spectrum of posts from Native American inspired snuggies to gorgeous, swoon-worthy interiors.
Lox Papers
I first spotted this blog over at You Are My Fav. I have already fallen in love the gorgeous collages from Jane, a wonderfully talented graphic designer. I can't wait to see what she and Kate Armour, over at The Neo-Traditionalist, are putting together for their new online mag, Matchbook: A Field Guide To A Charmed Life (launching in Jan 2011).
The Beautiful Soup
Pretty much the opposite of my cluttered apartment, I could spend hours staring the beautiful, ethereal images on this blog. It is a wonderfully calming feeling to day dream about such clean and simple spaces.

Delight by Design
Beautiful images and interesting collages. I can't get enough of this gorgeous interiors blog.

Always looking for new inspiration, I would love to hear about any blogs you've spotted (and loved!) recently.

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