Monday, November 8, 2010


Has anyone been to West Elm recently? I stopped in with a friend on Saturday to attend a stenciling class given by the lovely Lotta Jansdotter.
Lotta was there promoting her new book, Handmade Living. With the patience of a saint, she gave instruction and feedback on stenciling napkins, plates, cups, etc.  I created my napkins in about hour with fabric paint and stencils. Super easy and fun to create! 
While waiting for our napkins to dry, I was delighted to find that West Elm is chock full of cool gift items for the Holidays. Here are a few that I'd love to receive in my stocking...

A pair of ceramic owls would make perfect bookends.

These lacquered nut bowls would be perfect for stashing jewelry on a nightstand.

A great alternative to traditional Holiday notecards.

Great stackable wooden boxes

And for entertaining... 
 Nature plates would be perfect on a console or buffet.

These Mad Men-inspired glasses would be perfect for cocktails


  1. Yup! Love my job! I haven't bought anything there yet since I started working there but I love walking into the store and walking through the sales floor just picturing how my future apartment will look. I love West Elm!

  2. Wow I'm jealous! Having a discount around the Holidays is a huge plus. Loving their new stuff!

  3. Definitely! I know, I can't wait to start shopping. FYI they are hiring for seasonal employees even if you coul only work one day.

  4. Those are neat gift ideas for the holidays. The design on the napkins you made looks great. Anyone looking for their next project, you can get custom stencils made to whatever you want.



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