Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Remember the last design challenge I was working on, Upper Westside apartment? With deep windowsills, I had this great idea to make roman shades to replace the ugly mini blinds. I did a little research and found this fantastic how-to guide for roman shades on Little Green Notebook.

We got some cheap fabric from Ikea and made the shades fairly easily. The real headache came in when we had to hang the blinds. We had gotten the blinds specially cut at Home Depot to fit the space, only to find that one was slightly too small for the window and the other two where too short by an inch. Ugh!

With a lot of thinking,  a call home and some "creative" installation techniques, we finally got the binds installed yesterday. What do you think?
Look for some cool before and afters of the rest of the apartment tomorrow.

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