Monday, November 1, 2010


This weekend I grabbed some flowers from a few local street stands and put together a quick fall arrangement. Cabbages, ornamental kale and grapes help make a fabulous arrangement this time of year. Here's a quick how-to on creating a beautiful fall bouquet in greens, purples and whites.

1. Choose an interesting container that's big enough to hold your flowers.
2. Start by placing your greenery in first. These add structure to your arrangement and help support the other flowers.  In this case, I started with the hypericum berry and cabbage first.
3. Next start adding some of your larger flowers. (Tip: If you place the star of bethleham in warm water overnight, the bottom blooms will pop open.) 
 4. Next start layering in some of the color. Try to place around the arrangement to create little pockets of color. Make sure to vary the height of your flowers to add visual interest.
5. Continue to add flowers and start to add grapes and hypericum berry around the top of your container (Don't forget that most people see arrangements at eye level on a table.)
6. Continue to layer flowers with varying heights. You can also use greenery to help fill in some of the holes. Make sure to turn your arrangement around 360 degrees to make sure you have all sides covered. 

7. Sit back and enjoy your lovely flowers!

Flowers used in this arrangement (most can be found at a local grocery store or florist)
Star of Bethlehem (white flowers)
Hypericum Berry (green berries)
Small purple grapes (you could also use any purple grapes from the grocery store)
Purple Calla Lilies (this is the only thing that might be harder to find. Substitute a different color)
Lavender roses
Ornamental cabbage

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