Monday, February 28, 2011


I'm not a huge awards show person, but I found myself eagerly watching the Oscars last night among friends. While most people focus on the stunning dresses (and there were many last night), I'd like to turn our attention to the guys for a moment.

I'd like to give a huge round of applause to the men, like Justin Timberlake who shunned the hipster skinny black tie and instead donned a well tailored tux with wide lapels and a perfectly hand-tied bow tie, staples of the old Hollywood glamour of the 1930s. The late, great Cary Grant would have been proud. Well done, Justin. Jesse Eisenberg and Zach Levi please take note.

Other standouts included... The ever elegant Colin Firth in Tom Ford. Perfect for his Best Actor win.

Jeremy Renner traded his track suit for a well-tailored tux with a midnight blue lapel. Interesting twist.

Kevin Spacey and Josh Brolin both look perfectly polished, one opting for a classic single button tux, the other looking smart in a 3-piece tux.

And Hugh Jackman shined in his double-breasted Ferragamo tux. His wife, eh not sure what that was...

Well done, guys. I'd like to see more men opting for this timeless look in the future...

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