Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The flood in January left my bathroom in a disaster state. Plaster, paint and water everywhere (ugh). It's all been fixed and covered with a fresh coat of white paint, but I still wanted to make some updates.

One of the problems was the bathroom cabinet. The flood left tiny rust spots on the back wall, while not harmful were definitely an eyesore. This weekend, I decided to spruce up the interior with some vintage wallpaper I'd found at Housingworks. Check out the before and afters and how I did it below.

This project took me about 15 minutes to do and is easily removable when I decide to leave, or want to change it down the road.

1. Clean the cabinet and remove shelves. 

2. Take some measurements. I decided to leave an extra half inch on my length and width measurements to ensure my paper would go all the way to the corners.

3. Grab some double-sided tape (non permanent) and run the tape along the top edge, sides and bottom of your cabinet back wall.

4. Double check that you have the design facing the right way and slowly press the top edge against the back wall, pressing down firmly as you go across. Slowly unroll the rest of the paper down the wall, continuing to press firmly to hold the paper in place. 

5. Run an X-ACTO knife around the borders to trim off any excess paper.

6. Replace shelves and stand back and admire your new cabinet. Instant transformation!

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