Thursday, February 24, 2011


Let me just first start by saying this, I'm not really into cars. I mean they're great to be able to pop out of the city for a weekend, but gas guzzling, bulky, hunks of metal and plastic really don't excite me. That was until I found the BMW Gina concept car.

I mean this car is sleek and has a very high coolness factor. They've taken a hard frame (with all the stuff you need like air bags, etc) combined it with a powerful motor and then stretched a fabric over it. This fabric is tough made of plastic and metal, at the same time stretchy and waterproof.  Think of a skin for your iPod or phone on a much larger scale. Even better, this car weighs about 500 lbs less than the average and the skins take only about two hours to apply.

While this is still a concept car and probably will need a lot of alterations if it ever makes it to market, I love the idea that you might be able to customize your car's appearance in the future. Who says you couldn't have a car with a cool Missoni stripe or a preppy Ralph Lauren plaid. Now that's something I could get excited about...

Check out a video on the Gina concept car by BMW

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