Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stack Them High...

In the quest to clear clutter from my office and my apartment, I have been going through the stacks of magazines and books to see if there is anything I can discard. Unfortunately, I have a hard time throwing out anything that isn't this week's People or US weekly. Design magazines (House Beautiful, Elle Decor and my collection of Dominos) are a source of inspiration for me long past the cover date.

Since I'm not throwing anything out, the issue is now how to store these them in a creative way...

I love the idea of using books or magazines in place of nightstands

Piled high against the wall, magazines and books are contained

Design books look great when creatively stacked on a lucite coffee table
Issues of the same magazine take on a design quality when stacked together

Topped with a small tray, books look stylish and sleek on a nightstand

Brightly colored books stacked on a console become part of the decor

(Images courtesy of: Nick Olsen, Domino Magazine, the Neo-Traditionalist, Elle Decor, Domino Magazine, Nick Olsen)


  1. So please post a picture when you figure out how you are going to display or store your treasured magazines, always looking for ideas.

    Maybe that is what you need, a treasure chest :)

  2. Absolutely! Still in the process of reorganizing my office (and with it the magazines). I should have before/ after pics after this weekend.



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